Founded in 1974, KIDCAM’s mission is to promote children’s physical, social and educational well-being with a safe, fun-filled camp environment that they want to return to, summer after summer.
For the important and difficult work they do, teachers aren’t paid nearly enough. I understand the financial realities facing teachers because I was one. I know the challenge of having to secure a summer job, just to make ends meet while school is out. KIDCAM was the answer for me.

I was only 14 when I began working at KIDCAM as a counselor in training. Because it was fun, I returned summer after summer, taking on kitchen, janitor and bus driver duties as I worked my way up the ranks. I even met the woman who would become my wife! Inspired by great counselors and motivated by happy campers, KIDCAM helped me realize I wanted to work with kids year-round. I earned a master’s degree in education, became a teacher and continued to enjoy my KIDCAM summers. In 2003, I purchased the business and focused exclusively on creating great summers all year long.

Today, I’ve enjoyed more than 25 KIDCAM summers and consistently look forward to the next. Now this dream is one I can share with fellow educators who yearn to feel the personal growth, financial freedom and satisfaction that come with owning their own business. As a passionate teacher, you know you can make a difference in the lives of children. As the owner of a KIDCAM franchise, that same feeling of gratitude and pride can continue outside of the classroom.

KIDCAM could be your dream come true, too!

Mario Bazile, President

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